Dragonfly Natives

Wholesale Native Plant Nursery 

“Sow Native, Reap Sustainable Beauty”

Welcome to Dragonfly Natives
a Native Plant Nursery in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts

By focusing on growing native plants from locally sourced seeds, we ensure that our plants are ideally suited to the current New England climate. Whether plants are for retail customers, naturalized landscapes or restoration projects, your clientele will be satisfied that you are providing plants that will thrive and ensure the long term development of healthy habitats.

Why Choose Dragonfly Natives?

We believe in our dedication to ecological sustainability, mixed with the expertise and experience that comes from several years in the nursery and horticulture trade. Our journey began with a clear vision, to meet the critical need for locally grown native plant plugs that are cultivated from seeds, sourced within our region. 


Provenance Listed for All Plugs and Plants

All plants have provenance listed (with a few exceptions). This information is provided so that you may select the plants best suited for your projects and customers. Eventually we will offer multiple ecoregions for many of our species. 

Seed Sources

Our preference is to purchase seed from reputable seed vendors such as Eco59 and Wild Seed Project. When the desired seed is not available for purchase, we will collect seeds from the wild by following the best practices to ensure sustainability. All seed collection is done with permission granted by local authorities and/or landowners. 


 We consciously reduce our use of perlite or vermiculite and maintain minimal peat content, ensuring our soil remains as natural as possible without promoting extractive or harmful mining procedures. Our plants are grown in a premium aged pine bark mix, rich in naturally occurring bioactivity and designed to promote robust root growth.

Growing Practices

We use natural and organic methods when caring for growing species and we do not use Neonicotinoid pesticides. If necessary, we may use BTi or horticultural oil if any pest and disease issues arise. We have established a jumping worm protocol to ensure that we are not spreading this invasive species, as they are a concern for all of us. 

Sustainable Material Use & Return

We use 100% recycled plastic plug trays, fiber pots, or sturdy, durable plastic pots that can be recycled at an appropriate facility. Unlike single-use plastics, these trays and pots are designed for repeated use, ensuring that they serve our customers and the environment equally well.

We offer a Return & Reuse program for all our plastic pots and trays. Customers are encouraged to return their used trays and pots to us in good condition so that they can be cleaned and sanitized. Please email or call us to schedule the return of used pots and trays from Dragonfly Natives. We would like to welcome you and find out how your plants are doing, and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!